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How Long Does It Take to Learn Sign Language?

Some of the most common searches about learning sign language include:

How long does it usually take to learn sign language? How can I learn sign language fast? What is the fastest way to learn sign language? How to learn sign language fast. Is it hard to learn sign language? Will I learn sign language faster if I watch online videos?

In this blog post, we will address these questions and provide resources.

How Long Does It Usually Take To Learn Sign Language?

Learning sign language takes approximately the same amount of time it would take you to learn any other language. That being said, since ASL is structured differently than spoken languages, there are ways that you can make the most of what you know to navigate conversations in ASL quicker than you may be able to with a spoken language. Once you learn the manual alphabet, you can fingerspell a word if you do not know the sign (with the goal of learning the sign, of course).

How Can I Learn Sign Language Fast?

What is the fastest way to learn sign language? How to learn sign language fast. The best way to learn any language "fast" is to immerse yourself with native speakers of the language and practice as much as possible.

Is It Hard To Learn Sign Language?

Language acquisition depends on many factors, including an individual's learning style. There are some people who are able to learn a new language in a way that is easier than it is for other people. The most important factor to keep in mind with learning a new language is the amount of time you are willing to put into learning. It is typically no harder to learn sign language than it is to learn a spoken language.

Dr. Bill Vicars, the creator of American Sign Language University (ASLU), wrote a wonderful article on ASLU that gives more details:

  • How many signs (grammatical informed lexical items) a student can learn in a set amount of time.
  • How to learn more than just a list of vocabulary.
  • The importance of practice and application.

Will I Learn Faster If I Watch Online Videos?

Any exposure you have to a new language will help you grow. Make sure that the videos you are watching are reputable (see our blog “Can I Learn Sign Language Online?”). For some people watching videos is a great way to practice what you have been learning. For other people, they learn best when interacting with live people, either face-to-face or via a live online class/tutoring session.

Resources To Learn From: