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S.I.G.N. Academy ASL Tutor Information

We have Deaf, hard-of-hearing, and hearing ASL tutors. We provide tutoring for individuals and groups who want to learn or improve their ASL: students, parents, siblings, family, friends, colleagues, and anyone else who is interested in learning sign language. We encourage clients to work with Deaf tutors but we do have some clients who start with hearing tutors. Our goal is to help people learn sign language. We recognize that everyone has different learning styles, backgrounds, and experiences and our goal is to help bridge the gap between hearing people and the Deaf community. If someone starts with a hearing tutor, we help them transition to a Deaf tutor as they learn more about the language and become more comfortable.


What makes a great S.I.G.N. Academy tutor:

  • A strong passion for the Deaf community

  • Great communication skills

  • Self-motivated

  • Easy to work with

  • Professional...and still fun!

  • Great with follow-up

  • Caring

  • Patient

  • Punctual

  • Creative

  • Flexible

  • Friendly

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