Our Network

At S.I.G.N. Academy, we take pride in supporting and collaborating with other small businesses.

Our foundation is rooted in continuous growth, and we are dedicated to helping individuals, groups, and organizations thrive. We have partnered with the business owners listed below, who have graciously given us permission to feature them as part of our network. Please note that these businesses are not paying to be listed on our website, and S.I.G.N. Academy does not receive any compensation from them. We genuinely believe in promoting these exceptional companies.

The following businesses offer valuable resources for interpreters and language learners.


AI Media

  • Live caption your meetings, events, TV broadcasts and live streams
  • Maximize accessibility, engagement and global reach

  • Easy-to-use, affordable solutions customized to your needs

AI Media Website


ASLU (Lifeprint)

ASLU is an online American Sign Language curriculum resource center. ASLU provides many free self-study materials, lessons, and information, as well as fee-based instructor-guided courses.


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Hi, we are CEUflix. Online American Sign Language courses for Interpreters. Earn RID CEUs in a fun and easy way.


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EI ASL is a company that focuses on cultivating emotional self--awareness, empathy, and human connection for interpreters, Koda/Coda, and Deaf/HoH/Deaf-Blind communities. You can find more information on upcoming workshops, online classes, and retreats at:


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ID Matters

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Master Lingo Institute

Master Lingo Institute is a language learning program where you can enjoy cultural events, resources that guide you on your journey to learn and practice a new language and be paired with a language exchange practice partner.


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That Deaf Mom

Emily Burke, BA, MA, PsyS is a Deaf Family Coach and Deaf Ally Coach with resources available for families, organizations, and individuals. Emily is the mother of a Deaf child as well as a CODA and has spent the last 16 years advocating for Deaf and hard-of-hearing individuals and families. As an Ally Coach, Emily trains people to become effective allies for the Deaf and hard-of-hearing community.


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Whole Interpreter