Why All Parents Should Teach Children Sign Language

Studies show that overall teaching children’s languages when they are in childhood helps increase a child’s intelligence including their visual intelligence. Deaf babies babble in sign language. Studies show that every baby or child has the highest capacity at that age to learn signs. After reviewing research, Sensory Solutions details the way that sign language may have a positive effect on children and toddlers’ overall development in fact there were five benefits mentioned, “increased vocabulary, elimination of temper tantrums caused by frustrations, increased social skills, comprehension of IQ, improvement of IQ” (Sensory Solutions).

The first benefit is increased vocabulary. This is evident because ASL and sign language relies heavily on vocab and certain signs rather than spoken english does not. Having a child be able to increase their vocabulary is very helpful. Secondly, something that can be common in the age range of children who are in their toddlers and babies may be having temper tantrums. Temper Tantrums are when a child may become very upset, angry, or sad and not stop this behavior. It is easier to raise children who have less temper tantrums and mood problems.

During this age of development, it is vital for children to learn good social skills. Sign language can actually help increase a child’s overall social skills leading them to make connections and friends with others. Being socially intelligent leads to a child’s healthier outcome. This language is arguably harder than spoken English to comprehend. Sign language is a beautiful expressive language that is visual rather than spoken English that is auditory. A child may be able to grasp languages better with teaching of sign and ASL.

The last benefits are increased intelligence studies that show that teaching babies and toddlers sign can help expand a child’s overall intelligence. In fact, deaf babies babble in sign and research finds that toddlers and children are at the best age to learn sign. I believe if a child learns sign, they have a higher ability to make friends with other children who are deaf and thus increase the diversity of their friendship group. It is also helpful if a busy mom is talking on the phone and needs to get her child’s attention to sign “look at me” or “hey.”

In conclusion, many hearing and deaf parents should teach their children sign language at a young age. You may be asking why? And that is because of the increased benefits in several areas of development of children including: better vocabulary, less temper tantrums, increased intelligence, vocab knowledge and increased social skills. Parents should do what is best for their children but I hope you will consider the idea of teaching children sign!

Reference: Sensory Solutions

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